Based on its continuous efforts and devotion towards music along with over 25 years of know-how on sound and touch it is making standards for musical instrument. What is more, CRAWZER is offering the best products to customers by developing and manufacturing high end musical instrument for professional players.

The brand “CRAWZER” was created by combined efforts of experts specialized in making piano and musicians specialized in composing music and it is becoming a rising brand in digital piano market. Moreover, based on its years of manufacturing technologies, it has constructed domestic and international production lines. Currently, about 200 employees are working hard in their own field; manufacturing, distribution/sales, international marketing, and training.

For the achievement of brand vision, CRAWZER will set job of each employee as a mission and sustain its efforts to become respected corporation by realizing the best customer satisfaction and proving world’s best products and service. It will also build up its professionalism with differentiated work group.

In the future, based on its goal of becoming leading company in world’s keyboard market, CRAWZER will focus its research on product variation and development of design, keyboard, and music sources continuously to grow into a global brand that develops the best piano.